Canon Pixma Ts8360 Driver Download

OK, because the hotfixes and patch notes say that the hardware decoding on media sources has been disabled by default. I’m not sure that you are using a media source, but right now, try reverting to an older version or reinstalling OBS Studio. Not sure about the teamviewer id and password.

  • At your Workstation, click the button and select .
  • Just follow the steps mentioned below to fix it.
  • The Windows Update process takes place automatically.

But installing newer drivers over the Windows Update version has never been a problem. The error does not occur when my graphics hardware, a GTX 1060, is outputting over HDMI.

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System Restore must use at least 1GB, but can be set to use as little as 1% of larger drives. However, allocating more disk space lets Windows create more restore points before deleting old ones. If the issue persists, there’s a possibility this source it’s caused by malware disguising itself as a normal Windows process. Some malicious programs use up CPU and GPU bandwidth for different purposes while appearing in Task Manager under a familiar name like “Cortana.exe” or “Runtime Broker”. After you’ve opened Task Manager and found the process unexpectedly using up a chunk of your CPU, search online to identify it. You don’t want to stop a process like explorer.exe or winlogon.exe (startup tasks and the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen), unless you have a good reason.

Practical Driver Support Systems Explained

Select the drivers for your printer and model number. A Printer Configuration Wizard will ask you how you want your printer to be set up? ‘Choose the USB cable option when using a USB cable. On the next screen, you’ll want to click Search automatically for updated driver software.